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Unlimited Dial-up Internet Access - Only $9.95 per month!

With My-NetLink, not only do you receive fast, affordable, reliable service, but also a free e-mail account!

Use any time of the day
Stay online as long as you want
Unlimited hours per month
24x7 Customer Service

Free e-mail account

Only $9.95 per month
Pay month by month
Cancel anytime without penalties
Visa, Master Card, American Express, & Discover

My-NetLink Code:

Not Available in some areas, click here to verify availability.

Technical and Billing Questions:
1-800-794-4284 (toll-free number)

The Internet has become a part of our daily life. We use it for personal needs or while for work-related purposes. People always check their social media to connect with their friends or know the current trends. Students now also use the internet as part of their learning experience and a source of information for their papers and projects. In the workplace, the internet is used to communicate with your colleagues or be able to report to your superiors. Furthermore, the internet has opened more work opportunities including content writer, virtual assistant, and a head hunter. Nowadays, you can work while at home that is a current trend, especially for mothers. After giving birth to their child, they are able to work while taking care of their baby. You can gain more opportunities with the help of link directories. If you are a blogger, you can submit your website to these directories. And then, you will gain more visitors to your site.

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